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Personal Shopping
"I" Shop
Don’t have time to shop?

Don’t know where to shop?

I’ve got you covered! I will take care of all your shopping needs for you. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

After an initial consultation, I will set out to purchase the items you need and they will be brought to your front doorstep.

The type of retail therapy you need!
“We" Shop
With a shopping plan mapped out and tailored to you, we will head to
the stores that best suit your lifestyle and budget.

I’ll save you time by grabbing the things you need, right sizes, and colors for you. We will discuss what works best for your skin tone, body type, and lifestyle.

Not only will it be a learning experience, but I guarantee you will have a good time!

When we’re done, you will have suitable and stylish clothing that you can add to your wardrobe collection.

Shopping shouldn’t be stressful…

Let ‘Smart Dress’ take care of all your shopping needs…
Wardrobe Styling
Have you ever looked in your closest and said “I have nothing to wear!”

The truth is…most people have great clothing in their closet but just don’t realize it.

Let 'Smart Dress' handle that for you…

I will assess your current closet. Together we will discuss what pieces you own that are appropriate and in-style.

I will also help you coordinate outfits from clothing that you already own.

Out-of-date, unflattering, and unappealing clothing will be suggested for removal.
For most of us, closet space is a very valuable commodity. Often times, it can be a hassle trying to sort through piles of clothing and racks in your closet.

Let me remove your stress and get your closet organized the way it should be.

I will organize your closet for you by color, season, and garment type. I will also rid those garments that you no longer have use of.

When I’m done, your closet will be streamlined and you will be able to navigate through it with ease.

I will help you make the most of what your closet has to offer!
Other Services

Fashion Event Production

Editorial Styling

Event Styling

Music Videos